The Great Wall Marathon - 5,164 steps into history

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When is the deadline for Great Wall Marathon 2019?

The deadline is March 1st 2019. However the Great Wall Marathon registration may end before March 1st as we operate with a limited number of expat runners. It is advisable to register as early as possible. The registrations come after the deadline (March 1, 2019) are subject to a compulsory late booking fee according to the late booking policy if we still have spots.

Can we use collected express mail to delivier our race packs?

Yes, please provide us receiver name, contact address and phone number. We prefer office address with Chinese speaking helper which is easier for the courier man

When can I get the confirmation letter / service voucher?

The confirmation letter /service voucher will be sent by email before late March. The late booking participants will get the service voucher within 5 days after the payment and necessary documents arrive.
If you booked any extra service such as transfers and accommodations with us, we will send you a separate voucher for the extra service in mid-April.”

Can GWM help book transfer?

Yes, we can help book different vehicles at reasonable prices. If specical request please write us email separately.

Can GWM office help book local accomodation?

Yes, we have good relationship with local hotel/hostel. Please be aware the facilities at local hostel are basic, but clean, with private bathroom and walking distance to the race start.

What, and how often, will the runners be drinking?

As it is quite warm in the valley, all runners must remember to drink a lot of water (also in the weeks before the race, as their bodies has to get used to absorbing large amounts of water). Drinks are supplied at every 4 kilometers. The type of drinks supplied is water and, at selected stations, electrolyte.

Will there be souvenirs available afterwards?

GWM T-shirt, fleece-jacket, cap, key ring, cold drinks, etc. will be supplied on the Y& Y Square. You can also order with GWM office by email.

Will there be showers and massage available afterwards?

There will be free shower and change facilities available after the race. Massage service needs to be paid.

What type of running gear should I bring?

Wear normal running shoes, shorts and a light colored running sing let. On your head, do not wear a baseball cap (as it builds up a lot heat on your head) but a shade is very recommendable. Wear sunscreen with high factors, as the Chinese sun is potent.

What will the weather be like?

Probably sunny with temperatures ranging from 25 to 32 degrees Celsius. On the Great Wall, the wind will make the air feel cool and refreshing whereas the valley gets quite hot and humid. Temperatures at start (7 am) are expected to be comfortable 15 degrees Celsius.