The Great Wall Marathon

5,164 steps into history!

The Great Wall Marathon

5,164 steps into history!

The Great Wall Marathon

5,164 steps into history!

The Great Wall Marathon

5,164 steps into history!


The safety of our runners is our top priority. We have thus decided, that it is in everyone’s best interest to cancel The Great Wall Marathon 2020 due to the situation with COVID-19, the novel coronavirus.

We are deeply saddened to make this decision, actively respond to China government’s call to ensure health and safety, we believe that the right course of action is to cancel for this year. We offer a heartfelt apology for any ensuing disappointment – we are equally disappointed, but we hope to see you back to the GWM in 2021.

Race Information

The Great Wall Marathon is widely considered one of the world’s most challenging marathons. We have 3 options.

Course map detail

The Great Wall Marathon starts from the Yin and Yang square in the old Huangyaguan fortress. Kilometre signs are placed at each kilometre along the route. The signs are colour coded according to the distance they represent. The signs will also indicate the equivalent distance in miles.

Frequently asked question

Registration Deadline

The deadline is March 1st. However the Great Wall Marathon registration may end before March 1st as we operate with a limited number of expat runners. It is advisable to register as early as possible. The registrations come after the deadline (March 1) are subject to a compulsory late booking fee according to the late booking policy if we still have spots.

What will be weather like?

In recent years, the weather during The Great Wall Marathon has been somewhat unpredictable, varying from a low of 16°C/61°F to a high of 35°C/95°F. On average, the temperature is around 25°C/77°F. Rain is unusual during the race, but can occur. Be prepared for high humidity.

Partners and Sponsors

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